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A debugger is a tool that lets you walk through the execution of a program to identify and resolve bugs.


  • Lets me go through a program step by step
    • I don't have to write print statements in a long program where I am unsure about what I want to achieve
  • Depending on the debugger, I can go back in time (the debugger in this case keeps track of all changes a program makes so they can be reverted) to replay a step in a program.


  • gdb (for C and C-based programs)
  • Pdb (for Python)
    • Pdb is a hybrid of a debugger and a programming environment. You can run valid Python code in Pdb.


  • Step back to a previous line of code
  • Step forward to the next line of code
  • Change the value of a variable (Pdb)
  • See the Assembly calls behind a line of code (gdb)

Usage Notes

  • A blank line (created when you click Enter) runs the same command as the one you last executed
  • Set a breakpoint where the program will stop
  • In the case of Pdb, import the library on the line where I want the interactive prompt to come up

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